Sunday, November 15, 2009

More round things

You might have noticed that I am an admirer of round things, I thought I'd share some beauties that I stumbled across the other night.
These pictures are from an old website called Morphographic created by Michael Spall, which doesn't seem to have been updated for about five years.
None of these are real objects, they are computer graphics, but some of them are beautiful -

or unusual!
Most of the links are broken, so I can't tell you more about them, or their creators.

In the real world, it's honeysuckle time, and the honeysuckle vines which have gone feral down the side of the house are covered in blossom.
Apart from our sparse rainfall, these get no water at all, but they don't seem to care. I've been picking great bunches of the stuff, and the house smells divinely lemony.

I've been working on the charity quilt I started last week, so nothing much is happening in the Bauble department just now - although there have been mysterious experiments with acrylic paint on fabric, which may eventually lead to interesting Bauble developments - or not.


  1. Hi Marcie,

    After you use the oil pastels on cloth, just put a paper towel or piece of newsprint down and press with a dry iron. Move the paper and press again. When the color no longer transfers to the paper, it is set and you're all done. I prefer oil pastels to Paintstiks (they are less expensive and less messy). Have fun and send me a picture when you've done some playing!

  2. HI Marcie

    YIf you are still intereste din the fabric just email me through my blog profile. I am sending the fabric in prepaid satchels-.

    Hope you got some rain- it was wonderful here though now it is bright and sunny agaain.