Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hexagon progress & a new toy

I'm going to join the hexagons as I go, in blocks of twenty. Here's the first block, don't they look bright and happy? (The dark green section at the bottom was an experiment in filling in the shapes for the top and bottom edges of the rug.)
Another 18 motifs made, still unblocked. Today I took them to the quilters meeting, got all the ends darned in. No further progress though, as I had to work on my Kris Kringle pressie for our Christmas part on Saturday. Pictures when it's finished.
Casting my eye around a local thrift shop the other day, I found this.
It's a tiny calculator/ruler/magnifiying glass - just five inches long, in it's own vinyl case. The calculator works; it seems to be powered by exposure to light - any light. And how much for this wee treasure? One dollar!
How could I resist?


  1. oh you tinny thing - that magnifier is a fabulous find! - and yes the hexs look very bright and cheery
    enjoy the Quilters' Chrissie 'do' tomorrow and say hi from moi please

  2. Oh my goodness! You do crochet too? What fantasti thing is that going to be? Yes, you do seem to fancy round things. The hexagons are just YOU!