Saturday, December 12, 2009

Kris Kringle

Today was the Goldfields Quilters Christmas party. This year we gathered at the home of one of our members, who has a beautiful old stone house, set in a peaceful valley a few km out of town. We had a tour of the garden, a delicious buffet lunch, and plenty of time to relax and chat. We all brought presents for a Kris Kringle, and I had fun yesterday creating something special.
I made this little purse organiser, holding a selection of supplies for any contingency. I have a similar purse myself, and I've made them for my daughters too. So handy to pop into whichever bag you're using, and know that you have all the essentials.
This one holds a tiny notebook, a pen, a couple of bandaids and headache pills, a tape measure, and a sewing kit.
The sewing kit is pretty basic, and I couldn't find a small scissors to add, but it turns out that the recipient (who loved it) already has the ideal pair.
Then I made a card out of some pretty scraps, and wrapped it all in shiny paper.
The card was the best fun - I haven't made any cards for ages, but now I'm inspired, and I plan to create some handmade Christmas cards tomorrow.
And my present? A cake of delicious-smelling French soap, which will scent one of the dressing table drawers, or possibly the linen cupboard, for a while before I actually use it.

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