Sunday, December 6, 2009


This is what happens when you spend some time with your hands in a dyepot...
I'm more accustomed to dyeing cotton fabric with fibre reactive dye, and I always wear gloves for that, but this was just food colouring and vinegar, and it didn't occur to me that it might stain. (It wore off pretty soon)
I needed a few more colours for the hexagons, and I had some white and cream wool,
so I decided to try my hand at acid dyeing.
I used little dropper bottles of food dye from the supermarket, and found my instructions here.
I used an old stainless steel saucepan, and heated the wool in its dyebath on the stove. It was fun to watch the water turn clear as it heated up.
It worked fairly well, the first two balls were a bit light, but useable,
the next three were better. It's an amazing process, much faster than fibre reactive dyeing - and not so messy.
But there seems to be a limit to the depth of colour I can get this way, so I may yet have to buy some wool.
The pile of hexagons is growing steadily, I have 30 now. Tomorrow I'll start sewing them together.

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