Saturday, December 19, 2009


I went to the local Saturday market this morning to buy some fruit and vegies, and catch up with some old friends. I used to be a stallholder myself a few years ago, and my daughter Katie and her husband Hugh sell fruit there every summer.
I got a big bag of cherries from Hugh, the last of the season sadly (though Katie will keep some for our family Christmas dinner, I'm sure.)

Had a good wander around, stocked up on local honey and home-made tomato sauce, perused the bookstalls, (but resisted the urge to buy) then spotted Jackie's stall - so tempting, she always has things I just can't do without!
Today it was a stack of crafty magazines, always good for inspiration; and lots of gorgeous novelty yarns. Just couldn't resist these-
Now since I rarely knit, and they really aren't suited to crochet, you might wonder what I'll do with them. Especially since I already have a goodly assortment.

You'd be surprised...

They can decorate cards like this -
I used to sell cards like this at the market a while back.

They can be used to finish the edges of a fabric piece -
This is a page from a fabric book I made a couple years ago.

They can be needlefelted onto fabric - remember these Baubles?

There's always doll hair, of course...
And doubtless I'll think of other ways to use them, too.


  1. These yarns are delicious and I see you have plenty of creative ways to use them. Happy Holidays!

  2. Those mags were a good find - and is that a copy of Armoire I spy at the back ?
    I'd love a peruse the next time we have a coffee at The Coffee Bean